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Our Team

DEFTHEDGE has been created by
specialized experts in the management

financial risks to give access to the tools
and techniques for hedging foreign exchange and raw materials through SaaS software.

Olivier Lechevalier

CEO / Co-founder / Sales

Karl Courant

CTO / Co-founder / Financial Engineer

Alexandre Brossollet

CSO – Associate

Anaïs Douilly

DA / Head of Communication

It is because markets are increasingly complex and volatile that we have created DeftHedge, a tool that not only allows us to manage hedging more strategically and significantly reduce risk exposure – or at least to underwrite suitable protection – but also to have precise monitoring and reporting. Professionals will find it to be a valuable aid that will provide them with security on a daily basis, or an ally if they wish to develop offensive management in the face of market fluctuations.