Don't lose money because of the currency.
Use a structured SaaS
solution to protect your margins.

No financial knowledge required.
Identify your financial risks.
opt for a powerful decision-making tool.

SaaS software to manage foreign currency cash flow and manage the purchase or sale of commodities.

We created DeftHedge because financial markets are more and more complex and volatile.
Stop losing money because of markets.

Factors such as geopolitical or economic news make it difficult for companies to manage FX and commodities. Volatility from these markets directly impacts margins. DeftHedge offers a SaaS tool to simplify and manage FX and commodities. DeftHedge helps neutralizing financial risks while taking advantage of positive market developments.

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Find out how Defthedge supports you in your decision making

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Find out how Defthedge supports you in your decision making


Protect your business from market volatility!

Create and manage an operational action plan to protect your margins from exchange rates (annual, half-yearly, quarterly,...).


Regulatory tasks and accounting closures are done! 

Automate your foreign exchange accounting. Automatically match your invoices to your foreign exchange transactions. Enhance the value of your hedge portfolios.