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DeftHedge gives you the keys to manage your exchange rate risks in a few clicks.
Import your Excel data in one minute and start piloting.

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A management assistant.

Une expérience fluide et instantannée.

Notre application web offre deux niveaux de lecture, un suivi économique afin de protèger vos marges et un suivi comptable afin d'évaluer les impacts de ces risques sur
votre comptabilité. 
Notre simulateur suggère des stratégies de couverture en fonction des contraintes de gestion prédéfinies. Permet de créer rapidement de nouvelles stratégies de couverture. Permet de visualiser l'impact d'une nouvelle stratégie sur votre exposition en un clic.


Values hedging instruments in real time and in history excluding bank margin.


Allows you to track, classify, complete or review transactions in progress or due.
Enhances the value of the transaction portfolio.


Allows you to enter/import a forecast exposure, invoices and payments.
Displays the net position.


Affiche les informations essentielles pour piloter. Calcule instantanément les scénarios défavorable et favorable.


Allows you to configure intervention levels to protect exposure.


A team available to answer your questions.


Option 1 :

Currency options

Valuation of complex transactions
(barrier options, accumulators,...)

Option 2 :


Calculation of accounting exchange rate impacts

Option 3 :


Monthly display of information (monthly drops, cash flow,...)

Option 4


Allows you to create simple or complex hedging strategies

Option 5 :


Entering operations

Assistance in the implementation and monitoring of strategy

Option 6 :

Expert Mode

Respect norme IFRS
Sensitivity of positions
Consolidated reporting

Our Strong Assets

Zero installation,
Zero updates to be performed by you,
7/7J & 24/24h & Anywhere
Accessible from a PC/MAC, tablet, smartphone.

Our Assets

Gain in time

Gain in tranquility

Economical solution

Facilitates decision-making

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Defthedge/Devises/Risques de change/Matières premières/28mai2019

Already more than 30 users in the world!

Our customers are actors from various fields such as textiles, mining, packaging, retail, pharmaceuticals....

Defthedge/Devises/Risques de change/Matières premières/28mai2019

More than $400 million

DeftHedge helps to drive over $ 400 million.
$ 17 Million of earnings generated for its customers.

Defthedge/Devises/Risques de change/Matières premières/28mai2019

More than 50 currencies processed

We have the capacity to process more than 150 currency pairs....

Defthedge/Devises/Risques de change/Matières premières/28mai2019

More than 15 raw materials

We have the capacity to process nearly 50 raw materials.