La Poste announces an impressive presence at Vivatech from 16 to 18 May, with 40 startups at its side.  On the bank side, there will be 9 start-ups. La Banque Postale has launched in January 2019 platform58, a program to support banking and insurance start-ups.
This is therefore the first promotion of this incubator. We find Cashbee, an application that makes the sleeping money work. Cashbee is a free application that identifies the money sleeping on your current account and sets it aside at interesting rates, without changing banks.
DeftHedge, on the other hand, is a software for monitoring currency and commodity risks. It targets business managers, financial directors and treasurers confronted with the volatility of the foreign exchange and commodity markets. Link to the site:
Goodeed is a solidarity-based advertising agency. This platform allows you to make donations for eco-solidarity projects by watching advertisements. 60% of the money generated by advertising is donated to partner associations. It is a subsidiary of La Banque Postale since 2017 via KissKissBankBank.  Link to the site:
Hoggo is an independent insurance brokerage platform. It targets VSEs and SMEs and offers them significant savings by facilitating the transfer and management of their insurance contracts: from termination to online subscription to the new contract for all employees. Link to the website:
Kriptown is a consumer investment exchange. It allows to contribute to the financing of a start-up or SME and its development. Investing in the real economy gives access to a secondary market to buy and facilitate the resale of its assets. Link to the website:
Leocare is a 100% mobile car and home insurance. The application allows you to insure in real time and offers a 100% digital, flexible and no-obligation customer path, from the quote to the subscription and remote claims management. Rates are flexible by allowing options to be activated or deactivated in real time. Link to the website:
Pixpay is a neo-bank for young teenagers. Pixpay is an application that allows young teens to manage their money under parental control with a mobile account, a personalized payment card and access to a membership program. This digital bank is available on all supports used by digital natives.
Link to the site:
Rendement Locatif is an online simulator of rental investment profitability. It aims at allowing to invest in real estate by knowing in advance the real profitability of the project and gives a perspective of evolution over 20 years. It helps to give credibility to the investment process with bankers.
Link to the detailed sheet: Rental yield
Link to the site:
YesWeHack is a cyber security platform from Bug Bounty. YesWeHack offers companies the opportunity to subject their websites, mobile applications, infrastructure and connected objects to attacks from ethical hackers, who are paid according to the number and criticality of the security vulnerabilities they discover.
Link to the site:

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