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Hub Connect: Turn Complexity into Simplicity.

Say goodbye to time-consuming data management tasks.

Data manipulation in financial risk management is often a time-consuming, complex and unrewarding task. It requires hours of manual labor, prone to errors and redundancies, making the process long and tedious. DeftHedge Hub Connect offers a revolutionary solution to these challenges. By automating data collection and integration, our tool eliminates the need for tedious manual work, transforming an arduous activity into a fluid, effortless process.

A Fraction of a Second to Process Data

Whether integrating data from ERP, TMS or foreign exchange transactions, the DeftHedge Hub Connect does the job in a fraction of a second, with precision. It frees your teams from time-consuming tasks, allowing them to concentrate on strategic analysis and informed decision-making.

A Day Reinvented

Your day starts effortlessly with DeftHedge. It revolutionizes the way you collect crucial data, saving you valuable time every day. Your software, such as CRM, ERP, Cash and Budget, provides reliable data about your business. DeftHedge organizes and consolidates this data, giving you an accurate overview of your risks.

Hub Connect is more than just a data management tool. It’s a complete solution that enables you to transform the complexity of financial data into simplified, efficient management. Explore how these features can benefit your business.


Automatic Data Integration

Hub Connect automates the integration of data from multiple sources such as ERP, TMS and foreign exchange platforms. This feature significantly reduces the time and effort required to gather and prepare data for analysis.

Significant time savings, reduction of manual errors, and immediate availability of up-to-date data for accurate analysis.

Intuitive User Interface

Designed with a clean, intuitive user interface, Hub Connect is accessible to users of all technical skill levels. Key functionalities are easily navigable, enabling efficient use without in-depth technical training.

Ease of adoption, reduced need for technical training, and rapid access to key information.

Automation of Repetitive Tasks

Hub Connect takes care of repetitive, time-consuming tasks, such as regularly updating and synchronizing data entries between different sources.

This frees up human resources for more strategic tasks, improves productivity, and ensures data consistency at all times.

Safety and Compliance

Data security is a priority for Hub Connect. It incorporates security best practices to protect your data, and ensures compliance with financial regulations and privacy standards.

Peace of mind thanks to robust security, assured regulatory compliance, and protection of sensitive data.

Need for Operational Support

DeftHedge can help you set up your Hub Connect.

Different Typologies

Standard Formats

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Connectivity / Interoperability

DeftHedge interfaces with all major accounting, ERP, banking and cash management software.

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