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Integration into the Risk Navigator Program: A Customer Advantage

Risk Navigator, a double advantage

At DeftHedge, our ambition is to support you beyond the provision of a cutting-edge technological solution. By becoming a client, you automatically gain access to the Risk Navigator program, offering you a double advantage: the use of our exceptional platform and immersion in a comprehensive training program that makes you an expert in financial risk management. This privileged access is your gateway to becoming a Risk Navigator member, drawing on our expertise throughout the year or during an intensive two-day training course.

Exchange with our teams, train & progress.

Risk Navigator Journey: Flexibility and Expertise

Our program is designed to fit your needs and schedule, offering two ways to acquire and strengthen your skills:

Ongoing support: As a customer, benefit from our day-to-day expertise. Our team of experts is available to guide, advise and help you optimize your risk management strategy throughout the year.

Intensive training: For those who prefer complete immersion, we offer a two-day training course. This intensive session provides comprehensive coverage of the key aspects of risk management, with practical workshops, case studies and interactive sessions led by our experts.


The Risk Navigator Community: Together towards Excellence

By joining the Risk Navigator program, you become part of a community of professionals committed to continuous improvement. The benefits are manifold:

Knowledge Sharing: Access to a rich knowledge base, shared by experts and peers facing similar challenges.

Exclusive events: Invitations to webinars, workshops and meetings that strengthen community ties and encourage the sharing of experiences.

Becoming a Customer Means Choosing Excellence

When you choose DeftHedge, you choose a partner who values your professional growth and the security of your business.

By becoming a customer, you’re not just choosing an advanced technological solution; you’re choosing to equip yourself with the knowledge and skills you need to confidently navigate the complex world of financial risk.

Ready to become a Risk Navigator member?

We look forward to welcoming you to our Risk Navigator community. Discover how our expertise, coupled with an innovative platform, can transform your approach to risk management and propel your business to new horizons.

Partner with DeftHedge and become a master of risk management.

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