Effortlessly Manage Your Foreign Exchange Risks

Société Générale partners with DeftHedge to enable you to:

# Communicate and centralize your operations
# Monitor your risk in real-time 
# Track key KPIs and reports

DeftHedge DeftHedge is a powerful SaaS platform designed to enable Chief Financial Officers, Treasurers, Controllers, or Accounting Directors to effectively manage their foreign exchange risks. 

You Manage your foreign exchange risk: you centralize information, monitor risks, simulate strategies, price hedging instruments, monitor markets with alerts, automate transactions with your counterparts, report within the company, and comply with accounting and tax regulations.

3 Good reasons to trust DeftHedge.

A turnkey solution

DeftHedge delivers, within a SaaS solution, the simplicity of Excel models and the expertise of banks and consultants to manage your foreign exchange risk.

Simulate, execute, monitor

Effortlessly transmit your foreign exchange operations. Deal in 1 click. Automate the tracking of your foreign exchange transactions.

Ease and speed of deployment

Powerful, intuitive, and secure SaaS platform integrated within financial processes.

All your foreign exchange risks and operations centralized on a single platform

Ecran DeftHedge

Effortless Data Collection

DeftHedge organizes and consolidates data, providing you with an accurate view of your foreign exchange risks and operations.

Underlying Asset Updates

DeftHedge automatically updates the changes in underlying assets from your CRM, ERP, and Budgeting and Planning systems.

Simulate Hedging Scenarios

The DeftHedge simulator allows you to effortlessly simulate various hedging scenarios.

Set Up Alerts and Automatic Transactions

Effortlessly configure alerts to monitor your risk thresholds.

AI-Based Hedging Recommendations

The simulator projects strategies, enabling you to update your reporting and assess their performance. Refine and arbitrate between the proposed strategies to determine the most suitable one.

DeftHedge Cravate rouge
DeftHedge Sourire

Consolidate Group Exposures

Retrieve all your exposures for important meetings (Committee, Meeting), providing a clear view of the impact of currency fluctuations on the entire organization.

Historical Exposure Analysis

Effortlessly analyze historical exposures by going back in time.

Accounting and Reporting

Assist accounting and finance teams by providing detailed accounting information.