What to do on January 1, 2021.



  • Firm commitments

You will find a presentation that details and explains how forward foreign exchange transactions and foreign exchange swaps work.




  • How to monitor your foreign exchange risk management?

This is a confidential workshop that details best practices for managing your foreign exchange risks.

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  • Currency risk hedging tools (In partnership with BpiFrance)

Learn about the strengths and weaknesses of currency hedging instruments. We explain forward hedging instruments, currency swaps, vanilla options and barrier options. We also explain their possible reactions to different changes in the foreign exchange market.




  • Webinar – November 2020 (In partnership with La Banque Postale)

The global economy and foreign exchange market after the US elections. We discuss a world without Donald Trump and the arrival of Joe Biden. We discuss the impact of the US elections, Covid-19 on the foreign exchange market and on the commodities markets. We discuss major currencies (USD, EUR, GBP), exotic currencies (CNY, INR, BRL, TRY), interest rates (USD, EUR, GBP), oil, gold, copper,

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  • Webinar – December 2020 (In partnership with La Banque Postale)

What trends for commodity prices in an uncertain economic environment? As a follow-up to the webinar on “The global economy and the foreign exchange market after the US elections.”, we explain the reactions of commodities to supply and demand, the impact of China on commodities, the reactions of Europe and the United States…

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  • Webinar – January 2021 (In partnership with Société Générale)

Which currencies are at risk and which strategies to adopt in 2021? Find out Société Générale’s forecasts for the year 2021 and Q1 2022.

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  • Webinar – March 2021

Coverage Strategies for 2021

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  • White Paper – Import USD & Export GBP

Examples of hedging strategies with the DeftHedge tool

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  • Currency risk brochure

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