Effectively defend your company’s margins with our specialized foreign exchange risk management solution. > Test the solution

Visualize 100% of your foreign exchange risk

Say goodbye to blind spots. Simply organize your budget forecasts, management data and hedging operations in a professional space entirely dedicated to monitoring economic and accounting foreign exchange risks.

Make the right hedging decisions

Remainder to hedge, performance against budget, forward projection… Whatever your foreign exchange policy, all the cards are in your hands to make the right choices and defend them

Simply analyze the results of your foreign exchange strategy

Identify at a glance the origin of your foreign exchange gains and losses (accrued or unrealized), and easily communicate on the financial performance of your risk management.

3 steps to a controlled foreign exchange risk

#1 Consolidate your data in a single space

  • Share with our team your budget data, your hedging portfolio, and your foreign currency invoices and payments.
  • Our experts will help you build your exposure and trading portfolio in DeftHedge to give you a clear view of your foreign exchange risk and management performance to date.
  • Take advantage of a free 3-month trial to understand the full value of DeftHedge and see the benefits of using it in real-life conditions.

#2 Take stock of your currency position

  • Evaluate your past performance (by comparing your budget rate to the weighted average exchange rate obtained since the beginning of your budget period), as well as your current situation (by comparing your budget rate to the market spot rate).
  • Simply view the amounts hedged, the valuation of your hedging positions to date, your updated remaining hedge and the forward projection of your open position.

#3 Manage your foreign exchange strategy with peace of mind

  • Build your foreign exchange strategy dynamically (transaction by transaction), and observe its impact on your reporting.

On average, our clients see their foreign exchange risk management time divided by 4!

  • Efficiently prepare your calls to the trading room thanks to all the financial information at your disposal (exposure to be hedged, spot rate, forward rate, expiry dates, strike, stop-loss, take-profit…).
  • Control bank margins with our financial products pricer in order to significantly improve your average rates and get additional exchange gains.

Our clients save an average of 25% in bank margins! > Test the solution

An open reporting and decision support tool

Designed for corporate treasurers and their teams responsible for managing cash and defending margins, DeftHedge also generates accounting entries. Simply match your hedging transactions to their underlying assets and our tool will generate the associated entries in accordance with your accounting procedures. Your foreign exchange impacts are calculated automatically and your IFRS reporting (with P&L and OCI impact, mark-to-market flow and sensitivity, IFRS entry) allows you to clearly identify the origin of your accounting foreign exchange gains and losses by tracing them back to their source in order to justify them precisely and to meet the expectations of the auditors in one click. In addition to interacting with your accounting department, DeftHedge also allows you to feed the cash flow forecast into your TMS and send the strategy and operations to be implemented to your financial partners. > Test the solution



Gilles Ton-That, Finance & Administration Manager at Moustache Bikes

“The onboarding phase offered to me allowed me to project myself very quickly into a serious collaboration with the DeftHedge team (particularly accessible and efficient).  Due to the complexity of my trading portfolio and the nature of my exposure, I was a little apprehensive about migrating from Excel to DeftHedge, but it went smoothly.  Today, I appreciate having all the elements of foreign exchange risk in the same digital tool!”

Grégoire Grelier, Treasurer at Serge Ferrari

“DeftHedge allows me to manage my foreign exchange risk more serenely and to rationalize my management.  My two contacts helped me integrate the data, and I now have reporting and tables with the right quantitative elements for a clear view of the risk.  The tool’s ability to simulate strategies and predict products is a precious help for my decision-making!

Carole Clos, Risk Manager at Lidéa

“We have been working with DeftHedge for 6 months. Our first expectation was to map our risks. Because of our lack of in-house expertise in this area and the high stakes involved in volatile currencies, DeftHedge’s expertise and support proved to be essential. The tool now provides a precise view of exposures and clarifies the reality of the risk in both summary and detail. It also helps us to check the proposed prices before dealing with the trading rooms.  We will therefore be able to start our next exercise with up-to-date positions and hedge in a relevant manner!”


Does the tool take into account natural hedging? Yes, within the same position, your buy and sell flows offset each other to calculate your net exposure.

How many currencies/exposures can I manage with DeftHedge? All currencies are accessible via DeftHedge and different types of exposure are available to manage transactional, financial, notional, inter-entity risk…

Does the tool allow for micro-hedging? Yes, the tool is primarily designed to reflect your management style (micro, macro, mix…) and to allow you to freely evolve your management if necessary.

> Test the solution

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