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The raw materials market is a sector subject to constant development and change. Among the various materials traded on this market, copper is no exception to these sometimes significant variations in its value. Used in many sectors of activity, this material is in full development and appears to be one of the most demanded values on the markets today.

If you wish to buy or sell copper, it is essential to know the state of the market and to identify the most opportune moments to carry out your transactions. In order to help you with your strategy for managing this raw material, DeftHedge offers you its SaaS solution to help you manage your copper sales and purchases. On a daily basis, our software will facilitate many tasks and help you to optimise all your financial operations.

The use of copper

Red in colour, copper is a common metal used in many sectors of activity, particularly in plumbing, electronics, mechanics, etc. Due to its ductility, electrical and thermal conductivity, copper has many possible uses.

On a global scale, China is by far the largest consumer of red metal. Widely used, the demand for copper is therefore very high and its price will therefore be high in periods of economic growth.

Why buy copper ?

Among the raw materials listed on the stock exchange, copper is among those most in demand. The purchase of copper can therefore be carried out for your own business or for investment purposes. Choosing copper is a wise choice, and there are various ways to make this investment.

First of all, therefore, you must first determine on which asset you wish to position yourself: physical copper or financial contracts (futures). In order to avoid the risk of theft associated with physical copper, financial contracts such as futures are therefore suitable solutions for your investments in this raw material.

Today there are several types of copper futures contracts on offer on the various world markets.

High grade copper (COMEX)

On the COMEX (New York Commodity Exchange), various commodities are traded: precious metals, gold, silver, copper… On this market, it is possible to invest in cash but the vast majority of transactions are carried out through futures contracts. These contracts are quoted at cents per pound.

Copper (LME)

Also offered on the London Metal Exchange (LME), copper can be purchased in cash or through futures contracts. On the LME, futures contracts are quoted three months in advance and sold in lots of 25 tonnes. In addition to copper, many other materials are traded on the LME: aluminium, tin, nickel, lead, zinc, steel, strategic and precious metals…

How to invest in copper ?

Once you have chosen the asset you wish to invest in, it is necessary to determine the financial instrument you wish to use for your strategy.

One of the most common ways to invest and position yourself in the copper market is through derivatives and in particular Contracts for Difference (CFDs).

CFDs are dependent on changes in copper prices and can be beneficial or disadvantageous depending on how the value of copper changes between the time of purchase and sale.

Due to the uncertainty inherent in this type of derivative, investments in copper present higher risks.

In addition to CFDs, there are also other investment opportunities in the copper market:

  • Exchange Traded Fund (ETF): exchange traded investment funds
  • Shares in copper mines: shares of active companies

When to sell copper ?

In order to determine the most opportune time to sell copper in the markets, it is essential to look at several indicators. In order to best prepare your transactions, it is important to consider several indicators :

  • The state of world economic growth (particularly the Chinese economy, which is a major consumer of copper)
  • The needs of emerging countries
  • Supply disruptions
  • Level of the US dollar exchange rate
  • Metal Substitution
  • Necessary components for the production of new technological products

All these elements must therefore be taken into account in your decision to sell copper. You should also take into account that there are places and times for copper trading:

London Metal Exchange: Monday to Friday, 02:02 to 18:59 (Paris time).
New York Mercantile Exchange: Monday to Friday, 00:00 to 23:00 (Paris time)

How will our materials management software help you in the purchase of copper ?

Like other raw materials, copper is a resource subject to many changes. Indeed, this material is dependent on several factors that will directly impact its value and thus modify your strategy on the listed markets.

In order to achieve the best possible transactions, it is important to monitor the evolution of copper’s value as closely as possible.

To help you in this monitoring, DeftHedge is a software package specially designed to help companies improve their strategy on the commodities market.

Whatever the size of your company (VSE, SME, large company), our SaaS solution gives you all the right information to help you make the right decisions.

If you want to buy or sell copper on the raw materials market, our solution will help you. The numerous functionalities of our software offer many advantages for your daily business :

  • Management and monitoring of copper prices
  • Automation and simplification of multiple daily tasks
  • Help for the creation of investment strategies
  • Centralization and data security
  • Reduction of financial losses

In order to help professionals in their positioning on the various commodity markets, DeftHedge has therefore designed a SaaS solution composed of multiple functionalities. Thanks to this tool, professionals can significantly improve their strategy for buying and selling commodities.

As far as copper transactions are concerned, DeftHedge allows you to follow the evolution of copper prices on the markets and thus to determine the most opportune moments to carry out your transactions. On a daily basis, DeftHedge thus becomes a real tool for your decision-making.

Guaranteeing you compliance with international and national accounting and financial standards, our software is therefore perfectly adapted to optimise your market positioning to the maximum.

As a highly sought-after resource, copper is therefore attracting many investors today. Should you wish to buy copper for your business or sell your stocks, our financial forecasting software allows you to improve your strategy.

Indeed, DeftHedge has a feature to simulate different strategies in order to choose the best one: “SmartStrategy”. This feature is particularly interesting to maximise your gains and reduce all risks of losses during your transactions. To benefit from an accurate monitoring of copper prices, take advantage of all the benefits of DeftHedge.

To ensure that professionals can take full advantage of all the benefits of DeftHedge, our teams are available to answer all your questions and facilitate the customisation of this tool. Depending on the different information about your business, our software will be able to determine the best opportunities on the financial markets.

If you have transactions to make in copper, DeftHedge will be a real tool to make the best decisions. Specially designed to meet the needs of professionals, our software is therefore the ideal solution to optimise your gains on the commodities market.

To trade in copper at the most advantageous time, don’t hesitate to take advantage of the benefits of DeftHedge.