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On the financial markets, many materials can be traded, including gold. Gold is a very old commodity, and is still a safe haven that is in great demand by investors. In order to make your investment in this commodity as attractive as possible, it is important to know and follow the gold price trend as closely as possible.

In order to help professionals in monitoring the price of gold and their commodity management, DeftHedge has developed a SaaS solution offering access to a wide range of information and management advice. Thanks to our software, you will be able to protect yourself against possible risks linked to the evolution of the gold price. In order to identify the right times to buy and sell gold, trust DeftHedge.

Why buy gold ?

Despite its age, gold is still one of the main stocks that savers are moving towards. Indeed, although it is subject to certain price fluctuations, gold is a trusted value.

The interest in investing in gold increases especially during periods of economic crisis or slowdown. Indeed, unlike shares, gold will not suffer a loss in value.

In this sense, gold therefore represents a reliable value in which you can trust to secure your company’s savings. Even if the financial gains linked to investing in gold are almost nil, it remains a wise choice to secure your savings.

Another advantage of gold is that it is a “liquid” investment, meaning that it is very easy to buy and sell. Indeed, with a price known to all, gold is a commodity open to all investors and is very easy to resell.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of investing in gold ?

The main disadvantage of investing in gold is that it does not offer a return. Unlike the dividends that can come from shares or rents from a property investment, gold investments do not offer financial gains.

In return for this disadvantage, gold appears to be a suitable value to secure your savings. The reliability of this value is an important factor in protecting part of your savings.

Because of its characteristics, gold is a good diversification tool that should be the basis of a portfolio. Little subject to fluctuations in value, the price of gold makes it easy to guarantee part of your savings. Among commodities, gold is today the least volatile value.

Despite its lower return, gold is therefore a value not to be neglected in an investment strategy. Indeed, the security of this value makes it possible to compensate for the possible risks linked to shares and bonds: economic crisis, default of the issuer, bankruptcy…

The “safe-haven” aspect of gold is therefore a particularly important advantage in investments.

How to invest well in gold ?

In your commodity management, it is estimated that the share of investment in gold should represent between 5 and 10% of the total amount of your investments. Although the price of gold can fluctuate, it remains one of the safest stocks on the commodities market.

To invest well in gold, it is therefore important to identify the most favourable times to invest. You should be aware that this investment can be made in different forms: physical or paper.

Physical gold

This type of gold corresponds to a weight of gold that can be presented in different forms: bars, ingots, coins… From a few grams to several kilos, physical gold allows you to see directly the investment in the raw material.

Paper gold

The purchase of gold can also be carried out in paper format which corresponds to a financial product (ETF or listed index fund). The value of this financial product is fixed in relation to the gold price. Opting for this type of investment in gold corresponds mainly to a short-term speculative strategy.

Where to buy gold?

Gold bullion can be purchased from a bank branch. Investments in gold can be made on specific financial markets, in particular the COMEX (New York Commodity Exchange). Specialising in precious metals, gold and silver, this American exchange is the world’s largest forward exchange for gold transactions.

Why does gold go up or down?

Although gold is a safe haven, it is not immune to price rises and falls. There are a number of factors that can have a direct impact on the price of gold:

  • Massive ETF sales
  • Rarity
  • Condition and purity of gold bullion
  • Supply and demand
  • Premium on physical gold

Paper gold has a very important weight today on the level of the value of gold and its evolution. In order to identify the most opportune moments to make an investment in this raw material, it is therefore necessary to be aware of all the indicators and the economic situation.

A constant interest in gold

Because of its appearance as a safe haven, gold is always a very privileged investment among the various raw materials.

For companies, this investment strategy in this raw material appears as a particularly interesting element to secure part of their savings.

Less subject to a significant fluctuation in its value, this raw material makes it possible to offset the risks associated with transactions in other commodities.

Easy to access, gold on paper is therefore a judicious choice in your trading strategy on the international markets. Because of its “liquid” aspect, because it is easy to resell, this material allows you to have funds available quickly in case of business needs.

In order for this investment to be as optimal as possible, it is important to determine the best time to make this investment.

How will our materials management software help you in buying gold ?

As a precious metal, gold is a very favoured resource for many investors. Indeed, its safe-haven aspect makes it possible to secure part of the savings and thus offset the risks associated with the significant fluctuations of other commodities.

For effective risk management of commodity transactions, DeftHedge has developed a solution that is perfectly suited to companies of all sizes (VSEs, SMEs and large corporations).

In order to manage your investments in gold and to know precisely the evolution of its price, our software informs you about the economic situation and the most opportune moments for the sale or purchase of this resource.

Designed to help professionals in their strategy on the raw materials market, our solution has multiple functionalities to improve your strategy and your positioning on the markets:

  • Gold price management and monitoring
  • Automation of multiple daily tasks
  • Assistance in setting up investment strategies
  • Data centralisation and security
  • Optimisation of financial results

Thanks to the various functionalities available on DeftHedge, professionals have a quality tool to manage their daily activity and to know precisely the evolution of the raw materials market.

As the various resources present on this market are subject to more or less significant variations depending on the economic situation, it is important to know as well as possible the evolution of the price of resources.

As far as gold is concerned, it should be borne in mind that variations in the price of this resource are less significant than for other raw materials. Indeed, as a safe haven, the price of gold makes it possible to secure part of the company’s finances. In this sense, it makes sense to invest in this commodity in order to compensate for part of the risks on other commodity transactions.

In order to establish the best possible strategy and determine the most opportune moments to buy or sell gold, DeftHedge provides you with a forecasting tool: “SmartStrategy”. This functionality allows you to best evaluate the effects of the position you wish to adopt on the commodities market.

Totally personalised, this tool will therefore become a real decision-making aid. Thanks to our solution, you will thus be able to better orient your financial strategy and considerably reduce the losses linked to your transactions on this market.

To optimise your commodity management and be sure to make the right decisions on this market, DeftHedge is a perfectly adapted tool. Indeed, in addition to taking into account all the specific accounting and financial standards on each market, this tool allows you to be perfectly informed about the most opportune moments to carry out your transactions.

To ensure that your experience with DeftHedge is as beneficial as possible, our teams are at your disposal to help you get to grips with and customise this financial forecasting software. DeftHedge will quickly become an essential tool in your daily management.

In order to improve your strategy on the commodities market and in particular on the monitoring of gold prices, do not hesitate to discover all the advantages of the DeftHedge solution.