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Derived from oil, plastic is a ubiquitous material in many industries. It is the subject of numerous transactions on the commodities market and is directly impacted by fluctuations in oil prices. This dependence on oil prices makes plastic a material with particularly volatile value.

To minimize the risk of financial losses associated with your investments in plastic prices, it is important to have a thorough understanding of how the plastic market works.

To assist you in your decision-making process for buying or selling plastic, DeftHedge has developed a management solution that is perfectly suited for businesses.

This SaaS software provides access to a wide range of data on the evolution of commodity prices, allowing you to implement the best possible strategy. To effectively manage commodity-related risks and reduce financial losses, DeftHedge offers a powerful and comprehensive tool.

Comment fonctionne le marché du plastique ?

The commodities sector consists of various markets in which oil and plastic are subject to numerous transactions. These transactions can be carried out through the signing of different types of contracts, which vary depending on the markets:

  • Spot Market: Transactions involving immediate settlement upon validation of the transaction.
  • Futures Market: Payment and delivery are made at a later date.

Depending on the nature of the contract signed between the producer and the buyer, the fluctuations in plastic prices will have a varying impact on the transaction. To ensure that you make the best possible deal, it is important to choose the type of contract that is most advantageous for your investment.

To determine the right strategy, DeftHedge’s features provide you with all the necessary information to determine the best timing for investment and the strategy to adopt.

How do I invest in plastic?

Before entering the plastic market, it is essential to prepare your strategy thoroughly and have all the necessary information to anticipate the fluctuations in plastic prices. Different types of plastics are traded on this market, and their value varies depending on each type.

Indeed, depending on the quality and components of the plastic, the impact of changes in oil prices will not be the same.

To invest wisely in plastic, it may be relevant to consider recyclable plastic, which represents a significant future challenge.

Your investment strategy will depend on multiple factors that you need to define before entering this market.

cours du plastique

What factors influence the price of plastic?

The value of plastic is closely tied to that of oil, and factors influencing oil prices will also have an impact on plastic. Among the factors that most affect the value of oil and plastic are:

  • Supply and demand levels.
  • State of oil reserves.
  • Oil quality.
  • Natural factors.
  • Depletion of oil reserves.
  • Geopolitical factors (embargoes, geopolitical decisions).
  • Legal contexts.
  • Investment costs for extraction.
  • Transportation expenses.

As a derivative of oil, plastic can be significantly affected by fluctuations in oil prices. To reduce this influence, it is possible to modify the composition of plastic by reducing the proportion of oil in it.

In this regard, recycled plastic represents an interesting alternative to lessen the impact of oil on plastic prices.

How will our raw material management software help you in purchasing plastic?

As a derivative of oil, the value of plastic fluctuates according to the price of oil. To invest in plastic under the best possible conditions, it is important to closely monitor the oil market and its future developments.

To assist professionals in this monitoring, DeftHedge has developed a SaaS solution that provides all the necessary information to determine a strategy in the raw materials market. With our investment management software,you will have access to multiple features:

  • Management of plastic and oil prices.
  • Creation and simulation of investment strategies.
  • Task automation.
  • Implementation of investment limits.
  • Optimization of financial strategies.

Specifically designed for professionals, our software can best meet your needs and assist you in implementing your investment strategies in plastic.

By having access to a wealth of information on the plastic market’s evolution, you can better guide your strategies and reduce the risks associated with fluctuations in the value of raw materials.

This precise tracking of plastic prices is particularly important because it is linked to the price of oil. To reduce dependence on oil prices, it is now possible to opt for other types of plastics, including recyclable plastics. By choosing a type of plastic that is less dependent on oil in its composition, you can significantly reduce the risks associated with sometimes significant oil price fluctuations.

To choose the best investment strategy for plastic prices, the DeftHedge software features a strategy simulation function called “SmartStrategy.” With this functionality, you can evaluate the effects of different investment strategies.

Through this comparison of various investment strategies, you can better direct your investments and achieve your goals while reducing risks associated with raw materials.

To ensure that professionals can fully benefit from all the advantages of DeftHedge software, our team is available to provide you with all the necessary information for getting started. With this comprehensive and efficient tool, you can maximize your investments in the plastic market and effectively manage the risks associated with raw materials management.

To implement the best possible strategy, do not hesitate to choose the DeftHedge management solution.